HOLLYWOOD CUT  Compared to  COWBOY CUT Shirt Styles

Hollywood Cut Shirts are basically made like modern dress shirts. They offer very little extra room for activity in general. There is no gathering of the back of the shirt onto the yoke so your reach is limited by that factor. The sleeves are narrower and especially narrower where the sleeve joins the cuff. There is only a single pleat there.

Cowboy Cut Shirts are basically styled after those of a working cowboy who needs to reach and stretch and move a lot. The body of the shirt has a wider back panel and it is gathered onto the back yoke…(he can stretch farther without tearing his should seams out) . The sleeves are wider so that he can also reach and move without tearing anything out. This wider sleeve requires some gentle gathering where the sleeve joins the cuff.

From the front body both shirts look generally alike and from that view you would only notice the little gathering on the cuff vs. the single pleat.

SIZING FOR MEN’S SHIRTS (Women can wear them as well and can ask for reverse buttoning if desired)

COWBOY CUT SHIRTS (your own body measurements..we add to that for active style fit)

CHEST (your body size)   SIZE                                 NECK

30-32                             XS- Extra Small                  13.0-13.5

34-36                              S- Small                               14-14.5

38-40                             M- Medium                         15-15.5

42-44                             L- Large                                16-16.5

46-48                            XL- Extra Large                   17-17.5

50-52                            XXL-Extra Extra Large      18-18.5

COWBOY CUT SHIRTS will fit more like a working cowboys shirt with more fullness and room to move. Like back in the day.

HOLLYWOOD CUT will fit more like a modern dress shirt which is closer fit with less room to be active in both the body area and the sleeve area. Most of the TV and movie western actors wore the Hollywood Cut. However over 95% of our customers to date have bought the COWBOY CUT because they are active.

HOLLYWOOD CUT  SHIRTS (actual finish garment measurements…you can see we are adding 2.5 inches for a trim fit)


34                     36.5″  chest      34.5    waist

36                     38.5                   36.5

38                     40.5                   38.5

40                     42.5                   40.5

42                     44.5                   42.5

44                     46.5                   44.5

46                     48.5                   46.5

48                     50.5                   48.5

50                     52.5                   50.5

52                     54.5                   52.5


4                  22-23 Chest

6                  24-25 Chest

8                  27 Chest

10                28 Chest

12                29-30 Chest

14                31-32 Chest

Note that many people with children in the size 14 range choose to buy an XS adult size shirt. It will be longer, of course, but give more room for the rapid height changes that can occur at that time.