JW Rio Lobo Peach Pocket Shirt w/ Black Buttons- Adult


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If I was a betting man (and I am), I would say this was one of Duke’s favorites shirts as it can be seen in such movies as The War Wagon, Big Jake, The Undefeated and Rio Lobo. The shirt is handmade in the USA with 100% cotton and consists of two breasts pockets and black buttons just like the one Duke wore in all of these movies. Shirt is made in the Cowboy Cut (which most customers prefer) and in the Hollywood Cut (which is more like a modern dress shirt fit and allows much less freedom of movement) , so make sure you check out our sizing chart to insure a proper fit. (written by our Consultant…John Holliday!)



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Hollywood Cut Size 34, Hollywood Cut Size 36, Hollywood Cut Size 38, Hollywood Cut Size 40, Hollywood Cut Size 42, Hollywood Cut Size 44, Hollywood Cut Size 46, Hollywood Cut Size 48, Hollywood Cut Size 50, Hollywood Cut Size 52, L-Cowboy Cut Fit, M-Cowboy Cut Fit, S-Cowboy Cut Fit, XL-Cowboy Cut Fit, XS-Cowboy Cut Fit, XXL-Cowboy Cut Fit


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