From Photos to Garments

Here at Hollywood Western Wardrobe we are so excited about the great response from so many folks. We are hard at work adding products to our site. This includes so much research followed by pattern drafting (in all the sizes) and most importantly FINDING THE FABRICS. WE SO APPRECIATE YOUR ENTHUSIASM and INPUT!

We have thousands of screen shots, movie poster shots and have literally viewed the movie or tv show again and again to see each garment from as many angles as possible. Then we make LINE DRAWING SKETCHES based on those pictures. Then comes the hard part of creating the pattern…one segment at a time to replicate each garment. Last but not least each pattern has to be “graded” which means all the sizes have to be created to make each size pattern perfect. In the end we can offer you the chance to own and wear the clothing you love knowing that it fits YOU!

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