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At Hollywood Western Wardrobe we are hard at work checking literally thousands of photos we have collected over the years of the great actors wardrobes in all our favorite cowboy movies and tv series.  Then we are searching far and wide to source the perfect fabric and colors so that we can create and offer them to you.

We are also pointing our customers to the great reproduction print  wild rags and look a-likes that our friend, Eric Heisner of Lean Dog Productions, has created and currently offered on his own website.

Enjoy our rags and his as you wear the shirts we are recreating and will continue to do.

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  • Derek

    will you be offering a dusty rose-colored neckerchief like the Duke wore in some of his films? I would very much like to purchase one, as I can’t find one this color anywhere else.

    • Elaine

      Hello from Montana USA
      Thanks for the kind words about our shirts and rags. We do our best. Yes, we can ship to Germany. I think only U.P.S. (United Parcel service) can take a shipment there and have it traceable and insured. If you send me your mailing information I will get my information current on that for you. Please send the request to my email as it is much easier to keep track of.
      Shipping protocols keep changing and it is hard to keep up with. In the past I have shipped to Germany on my other website. It is where I have been selling period accurate clothings from the mid 1600’s to 1899. That site is down temporarily under reconstruction as we move it to a new format. It has been actively online since 1996. I have been at this for a long time. Please email me information of you address and perhaps an idea of what things you want. Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Elaine Bridge…from the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Montana, USA

    • Elaine

      Thanks for asking Olly. We can ship to Germany. You must pay with PayPal only as they can verify a PayPal card but nobody in the states can verify out of country credit cards. If you message me with what you are wanting and what you shipping address is I can get you an estimate on the shipping costs with insurance. Glad to work with you. Elaine


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